For Immediate Release: October 13, 2016

Uni Ika Ai are new to the Brooklyn scene, having only released three singles to date. But the new band, comprised of members of Lucius, Bobby, and Via Audio, have already won praise from Stereogum for their "rhythmic, wonderfully askew brand of ethereal pop" that The Wild Honey Pie says is "a new kind of off-kilter dream-pop that the genre has been waiting for."

Pronounced "oo-knee ee-kuh eye," the four-piece will release their debut LP Keeping A Golden Bullseye In The Corner of My Mind this Friday, October 14. For those anxious to hear the album, head to The Wild Honey Pie today for the exclusive stream, and pre-order the record through Bandcamp for three instant-grat tracks: "Make You Better," "Soft In Ice," and "Mexico."

The video for "Soft In Ice," which premiered through Stereogum, features the Freedlyville Quarry of Vermont -- one of the oldest quarries in North America. Director Patrick Stevenson chose to shoot in the Quarry in order to explore the song's themes of structure vs. improvisation, analog vs. digital, humanity vs. the machine. Another track, "Mexico," was inspired by a story Maia Friedman (vocals, keys, guitar) happened upon over a decade ago: "It was a story about an astronaut who was arrested after driving over 900 miles, allegedly wearing an adult diaper, for the attempted kidnapping of a romantic rival. I don't know why but I started making a loose connection between the twisting, emotional path of that story and this song. The themes of loneliness, obsession, and floating in the darkness of outer space began to emerge and the lyrics started to show their own unique meaning."

Uni Ika Ai is Maia Friedman, Peter Lalish (guitar), Tom Deis (bass), and Dan Drohan (drums). While on tour with Lucius in 2014, Lalish would record improvised snippets made during soundchecks and email them to Friedman, who would send improvised snippets recorded at home in Brooklyn, in return. The two musicians, once in the same room, would mold the abstract material into fully formed songs.

Uni Ika Ai will celebrate the release of their debut album on Tuesday, October 18 at Union Pool [484 Union Ave, Brooklyn], with special guests Cantina and Pilot Violet [LPR Presents]. 




12/03 | Philadelphia, PA @ Harmonie Hall w/ Falsa, Other Colors
12/05 | Providence, RI @ Aurora
12/06 | Kittery, ME @ Buoy w/ Henry Jamison
12/09 | Burlington, VT @ Signal Kitchen w/ Henry Jamison
12/10 |  Northampton, MA @ The Parlor Room w/ Abbie Morin and New Mom




A rhythmic, wonderfully askew brand of ethereal pop.
— Stereogum
A track that combines dreamy vocals with swirling atmospherics and urgent rhythms. It’s a new kind of off-kilter dream-pop that the genre has been waiting for.
— The Wild Honey Pie