Brooklyn based drummer, composer, percussionist, and producer Tim Kuhl has announced the release of a new solo album, SKY VALLEY, for winter 2018.

Merging elements of jazz (modern, traditional, and improvisation) with '80s synths and electronic modern pop sounds, Kuhl delves deep into a cinematic score space, mining tonal influences from films by David Lynch, John Carpenter, Michael Mann, Brian DePalma, and Nicolas Winding Refn, as well as composer Vangelis (Bladerunner) and painter Francis Bacon. 

Composed on the road again, this time between touring stops with renowned singer-songwriter Margaret Glaspy, Kuhl brought his compositions home to Brooklyn where he wove in verses and vocals from poet Geoffrey Bankowski and punkish Australian showgirl Anna Copa Cabanna.

The video for lead single "Mutations I" premieres today through PopMatters. The inspiration for the animated clip, by NYC-based illustrator Chris Tucci, arrived after Tucci and Kuhl traveled to the desert with their respective families. Kuhl describes the baron landscape of the desert as "both romantic and horrifying." Watch "Mutations I" here

Born and raised in Baltimore as one of five boys in a musical household, Kuhl studied classical and jazz forms before leaving home for New York City. He has toured and recorded with a diverse range of artists in addition to having been a full time member of many NYC bands like The Izzys, Invisible Familiars, and the experimental group Little Worlds, whose Bela Bartok interpretations have garnered international critical praise. He is presently touring and recording as a full member of Sean Lennon's The GOASTT and with Margaret Glaspy. 






Photo Credit: Nathan West

Photo Credit: Nathan West

"[A] captivating, harrowing, and gorgeous composition that treads the line between old-school cinematic scores and the loose confines of jazz-oriented constructs."


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