A Speelburg Press Release, by Noah Sacre (aka Speelburg)

Part 1: Character Actor

(a collection of 10 songs, but not a debut album)

How do you avoid the sophomore slump? Write two records at the same time.

In early spring of 2018, I was finishing up my debut album. I spent 2 and a half years writing, recording and producing the damn thing (occasionally getting help from a few cool friends) and was finally getting it mixed by a real big shot mix engineer who worked on some really really cool records. At the same time, I started writing some new songs and by the time we finished mixing my debut album, I realised I had a second album pretty much done. 

That second album is Character Actor. I really love it.

And, because it took me about 4 months to write and produce all 10 songs, i’m not as precious about it as my debut, which is sitting comfortably on my hard drive waiting to see the light of day - probably in the second half of this year (if I want to keep to my promise of releasing one new song a month in 2019). 

But an afterthought, it is not. 

I shot the cover art for the album and the singles, directed the video for the first single, and made a short movie that’ll be out after all 10 tracks are released on March 22nd.

I can’t wait!

Part 2: “Screener Season”

(a new single by Speelburg)

Every year between early-January and mid-February, many of the advanced copies of movies that are up for award consideration are leaked online. This is known as screener season.

Often times, this means people get to watch Golden Globe and Oscar nominated movies on their laptops, while those movies are still playing in the theatre. What a world!

Screener Season (the song) is about movie making, it’s about being compared to your famous father and colour grading and it mentions Sofia Coppola in the opening line (because she’s the best). 

I got to direct the video myself. We remade three of Sofia Coppola’s best movies: 

Marie Antoinette, Virgin Suicides and Lost in Translation.

We shot the video a few months ago, but I wanted to wait until it was actually screener season to release it, because context rules! 

Damn, if only she had a movie in theatres right now, that would be even better! 

Oh well, let the light shine on my song, and my song only!

Here’s hoping she hears the song and sees the video. I’d really really really like that.

Character Actor will be released March 22nd 2019 on Sophomore Slump 

and published by Sony ATV.


+ 7 million Spotify streams, multiple New Music Fridays in UK, USA, Mexico etc...

+ 1 million Youtube views

+ Sold Out debut headline London show (Electrowerkz)

+ Syncs including FIFA soundtrack and Match Of The Day

+ Widespread UK radio support across the BBC (e.g 16 spot plays on Radio 1 for first EP) from Zane Lowe, Huw Stephens, Phil Taggart and Lauren Laverne etc…

+ “Lay It Right” 2nd EP was a Radio 1 Record Of The Week) + featured on US stations including KCRW

+ Previous #1 spot on the Hype Machine for the song “Kline”

+ Other notable media support from Clash, Pigeons and Planes, SPIN, GQ, DIY, HillyDilly etc...







Caitlin Pasko (caitlin@drunkenpiano.com)

Speelburg is quickly establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with.
— Pigeons & Planes
Cool, confident delivery.
Speelburg has gently etched out a reputation as a producer to keep an eye on.
Exciting stuff
Both visually lush and conceptually strange.
— Noisey