Credit: Jason Kruppa

Credit: Jason Kruppa


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For Immediate Release: October 25, 2018

SIGHTSEE is Grammy nominated drummer/producer Aaron Boudreaux (aka MoPodna) and vocalist Dillon Frazier (Matisyahu, Maggie Koerner) -- a duo from New Orleans who make indie electronic pop using clever rhythms, ethereal sounds, and a rich falsetto. The two musicians came together over a shared love of percussion and pop harmony, as well as a mutual admiration for 90s art rock (Jeff Buckley, Radiohead) and organic hip hop (Pharrell and J Dilla). SIGHTSEE's self-titled debut EP will be released on December 9. 

"LONEB0i" -- the second single to be released from the EP -- premieres today at Casablanca Sunset. In an exclusive Q&A with the blog, SIGHTSEE answer questions about how they met, how they finish songs, and their wide range of influences. "LONEB0i" might fit nicely on a playlist in company with Oscar Key Sung, Perfume Genius, and St. Vincent. It's about people who end up in solitude because of their harsh perceptions of the outside world, and by the song's end, the protagonist realizes that a life in solitude can still be a creative, productive, and expressive one. 

"LONEB0i" follows "Figured You Out" -- a track about breaking free from someone (or something)'s spell and unlocking a fresh confidence: "I finally figured you out / Your callous words don't burn now / Keep shining light on yourself / Those childish games are played out." In the visual for the track, a gorgeous, glimmering orb is seen floating in different settings; an abandoned New Orleans-based power plant, for example. The orb is an abstract representation of the band's inspirations and memories, and when juxtaposed in strange, dead, and empty settings, it reflects the introspective nature of the SIGHTSEE -- as people and as artists.


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