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Photo Credit: Priscilla Mars

Photo Credit: Priscilla Mars

"LAVALIKE is a dreary day soundtrack in the best possible way;
a work that is both thought-provoking and entrancing.
"Tracks [that] tantalize your eardrums...
Somehow increasingly majestic."
"Dakota Blue’s loner pop casts alternately wry and earnest eyes at the tightrope act of living in Los Angeles."

For Immediate Release: June 26, 2018

For Immediate Release: February 24, 2016

Dakota Blue has released his LAVALIKE EP today with a premiere through The Vinyl District. This surprise-release follows the experimental psych-pop artist's recent chat with IMPOSE Magazine in which he discusses the making of the album and its many influences, as well as what's next on the docket for the Los Angeles-based singer, guitarist, and visual artist.

The spacey, experimental psych-pop on the LAVALIKE EP is steeped in subtle tones of sarcasm, landing on the spectrum between Ariel Pink, Devendra Banhart, and early Beck (think One Foot In The Grave). Three homemade videos reflect this feeling, including a wildly colorful treatment for "Distant Disco" that features Dakota, himself, dancing joyously through a peculiar suburban neighborhood in Fresno, California. Another video, "Blueprints," features footage taken from the outskirts of the Lost Lake Resort in California, with Dakota dressed as a cowboy. From the IMPOSE interview:

"I love western films and I also love film/tv about film/tv, so the idea came from that place in the middle. Our production for all of our videos is small and intimate, mostly just the two of us taking a simple concept and riffing on it once we start shooting. Priscilla and I went out to central California and shot a ton a footage of me wandering in the cowboy getup. Rather than standard adventure shots that go along with that look, its a “behind the scenes” of an actor; bored, tired, rehearsing lines, getting their hair done, messing up scenes, etc."

Dakota Blue's LAVALIKE EP is now available for purchase at Bandcamp. For media inquiries, please contact Caitlin at Drunken Piano [dot com]. 


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