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Rachel Angel is a Brooklyn-based songwriter that music site For The Rabbits calls “part alt-country songstress and part lo-fi bedroom hero.” Her most recent EP, Not Enough, was released to much acclaim in the spring of 2018 on Human Noise Records. Angel’s uniquely characteristic voice and singing style, as well as her captivating songwriting, is what audiences and reviewers often recall when describing Angel’s music. Bushwick Daily called Not Enough an EP that put “a distinctly Americana feel to some very Brooklyn experiences,” citing Angel as having her “own distinct stripped down sound” and an “artist worth keeping your eyes on.”

Angel, originally from Miami, got her start in theater performing in a traveling theater troupe; however, it wasn’t until her late teens when she discovered the likes of Dylan, the Beats, and poet songwriters such as Patti Smith and Kris Kristofferson that her world began to shift. She ditched theater for songwriting and moved to Oakland, California, to study Creative Writing at Mills College. After graduating, Angel relocated to New York where she formed a band and began gigging and recording Not Enough.

When Rachel wrote the EP's lead single "In Low," she had been paying frequent visits to Coney Island and Sheepshead Bay, where her father spent his childhood, in effort to piece together her family’s history, and let go of a painful heartbreak in a big new city that was hard and unforgiving. She said, "Those journeys to Coney, the long train ride there and back and the drama of making such a pilgrimage, felt like a right of passage to me as an artist.”

Angel’s music has been featured on BBC 6 Radio, WNYU, Brooklyn Free Radio, and numerous college stations across the US and Europe. Her debut EP Revelations was a winner in Deli Mag’s 2017 Best of New York poll, and she has shared the stage with notable acts such as Alice Bag and Jessica Lea Mayfield, playing at acclaimed venues across the US and England. She has completed two US tours under her solo project and is currently set to release a forthcoming EP this summer. The EP, a collection of songs and ballads which is self described as “outlaw country odes to the highway, and songs about being outcasted and down,” is her most compelling work to date.



Caitlin Pasko: caitlin@drunkenpiano.com


An introduction as compelling and spellbinding as we’ve heard in a long time.
— Gold Flake Paint
A tangled, twisted affair of folk; Angel’s voice a commandeering presence, leading you further into the innermost parts of her heart.
— The Grey Estates
Part alt-country songstress, part lo-fi bedroom hero.
— For The Rabbits
The sound of mists fading, [...] striking, quietly-emotive.
— The Autumn Roses