Photo Credit: John Carluccio

Photo Credit: John Carluccio

For Immediate Release: May 23, 2019

Pale Ramon is a Brooklyn based rock band led by vocalist/keyboardist Emanuel Ayvas (of Emanuel and The Fear) and Kevin Plessner (formerly of Monuments and Oceanographer). On May 24 the band will release their debut, self-titled album -- a collection of songs birthed from a chance meeting in a Brooklyn bar -- but today, PopWrapped has the exclusive premiere. Like a blend of Radiohead with Pink Floyd, or perhaps a cross between Tortoise and Jeff Buckley, Pale Ramon make atmospheric rock that is at once "enrapturing" and "seductive" (BreakThru Radio). 

The name "Pale Ramon" is derived from the 1934 poem by Wallace Stevens called The Idea of Order At Key West, in which the poet examines the creative powers of the human mind, and "to what extent artists are capable of creating, redefining, or mastering the natural world around themselves" (credit). For a band that writes songs with political undertones, the name is fitting. 

"The Best Has Yet To Come," which premiered at The Deli Magazine, was inspired by a documentary of a Trump rally in Las Vegas. It was written from the perspective of a young filmmaker trying to make sense of the divisive and hateful rhetoric that swirls around him, furiously. "This song is a hard swing in the perspective of the left," Ayvas says. "To us, this debut album is a lot like one of those dreams where everything is going as fast as it possibly can. It's like you're flying around and aren't really sure what's happening. It's part excitement at all the newness everywhere, and part, 'Oh God! I can't control this thing.'" 

"Beat Punk," the album's lead single, is also a political statement; "It's a response to everyone who said, 'They're just tweets, don't take [Trump] literally,' and, 'That's just how he talks,'" says Plessner. "It is an expression of anger and fury at the political distortion that defines the Right, and it is about demanding civility and truth." PopMatters describes the sound as "mesmeric rebellion," saying Pale Ramon "excels at capturing unrestrained, almost animalistic aggression in a highly melodic, hooky, and diplomatically conscious way." 

For media inquiries, including advanced listens of Pale Ramon (out May 24) and interview requests, please contact Caitlin at Drunken Piano


4/23 @ K. J. Farrell's (Long Island) *acoustic duo set*

4/27 @ 66 Congress (Greenpoint, Brooklyn)

5/29 @ Union Pool (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)

6/27 @ Berry Room (Philly, PA)





A brief yet highly infectious, fresh, and promising introduction... ‘Pale Ramon’ oozes vibrant vitality from start to finish.
— PopWrapped
[Beat Punk] excels at capturing unrestrained,
almost animalistic aggression in a highly melodic,
hooky, and diplomatically conscious way.
— PopMatters
Their music walks the line between the intense songwriting of Jeff Buckley and the edgy arrangements of post-rock luminaries Tortoise.
— The Deli Magazine
With Ayvas’ memorable, kinetic songwriting and performance style atop driving rhythms, this project takes a leaner approach than what we’ve heard from him in the past — and to great effect.
— BreakThru Radio
Enrapturing [audiences] within this seductive soundscape.
— Brooklyn I'm Trying