Yellow Green Red Review Wilful Boys 7"

The Wilful Boys Anybody There? / Flat Out 7″ (Ever/Never)
Ever/Never seem to have settled into a groove with hard rocking New York groups that feature Australian ex-pats in the lineup, most recently that very good Ballroom album and now The Wilful Boys with their debut 7″ single. It’s music for the blue-collar working class into underground rock who prefer Dead Moon and Dead C to Dropkick Murphys and The Business. You get two songs of simple yet strong stature here, like a bricklayer who is damn good at laying bricks and little else. “Anybody There?” has a tense back-and-forth befitting Feedtime, with an energy level beyond what I’d expect a bunch of old guys would have after a full day’s work. I like “Flat Out” even more, which sounds like Watery Love attempting the blues, distraught and violent while the rest of the world walks by without taking notice. Cool single, and while most of the people I know who would enjoy this sort of sound spend less and less time playing 7″ records at home on their turntables (either their kids or their cats would knock it over), I’ve enjoyed flipping this one back and forth.