Total Giovanni Premiere "Can't Control My Love" Video on Interview Magazine


"While a synth-pop song called 'Can't Control My Love' might not immediately summon images of rough kids horsing around, the paradox serves a purpose."
- Interview Magazine

"Total Giovanni is an experience. It is a feeling. It is the most sexually charged discothèque this side of the tropic of capricorn." -- Two Bright Lakes

The Melbourne-based quintet -- comprised of Spike Punch, Vincent D (aka Frankie Topaz), Shidi Amin (aka Sideboard Ford), Cavallo Nero (aka Hornelle Equinox) and Shattered Guru (aka Jingle Bello) -- have built a reputation on whipping small music venues into wild bacchanalian frenzies. Total Giovanni are enigmatic purveyors of shamanic disco, heartbreak house, and boogie decadence -- "The complete package," VICE / Thump writes. And now they seek to bring their poly-rhythmic jams, strange clothing and liberated masculinity in to your living room with the release of their first singles, "Human Animal" and "Can't Control My Love".

Indie Shuffle premiered "Can't Control My Love" in December and praised the group for making "another smooth, synth-pop masterpiece." The clip, directed by Sherwin Akbarzadeh and premiering today through Interview Magazine, opens with a stunning shot of a television being destroyed in slow motion, just before we meet our lead character -- a small boy who begins to question the antics of his "friends." With the help of Total Giovanni, the boy is able to stand up (and dance) for what's right. 

> Interview Magazine Video Premiere: Total Giovanni - "Can't Control My Love"

"The whole ethos of the band is about being a lover, expressing yourself free of fear, and dancing like a maniac. I think these are often things that boys and men in our society are scared of doing. Total Giovanni are essentially dance-lover Jedi from another dimension and they're here to help you through that." - Total Giovanni

With a host of festival and club shows on the horizon this Australian summer, Total Giovanni are sure to be making the walls sweat somewhere near you. Free yourself…