Meet The Eversons! -- An art-punk, indie pop quartet known in their hometown of Wellington, NZ for their witty, upbeat songs characterized by call-and-response vocals and arrangements that favor the guitar. The band's debut album Summer Feeling was released in April 2012 on Lil Chief Records to positive reviews; Simon Sweetman of Blog On The Tracks even wrote "The Eversons have released what feels pretty close to a classic."

The Eversons, comprised of Mark Turner (vocals, guitar), Tim Shann (vocals, drums), Chris Young (vocals, guitar), Blair Everson (vocals, guitar), and Alex Freer (vocals, drums) are pleased to announce the release of Creepy, out today 8/13, on Lil Chief Records. The single features "Creepy," originally released on Summer Feeling; "Stick Around," a never before heard b-side premiering today on Beats Per Minute; a Japanese language version of "Creepy"; and a brilliant animated video directed by Hadley Donaldson.

"Stick Around finds the band in full summer pop mode, touting shimmering guitars and enough iridescent, silver-tongued harmonies to keep you sated until next spring." BEATS PER MINUTE

"[The Eversons' Summer Feeling] really delivers and as a debut album it's pretty damn astonishing, largely due to the identity The Eversons have carved out for themselves as great songwriters with a sense of humour." - UNDER THE RADAR (NZ) 

"Clever songs, catchy, funny, playful, subversive - every song with its own pop hook to hang on and from; loads of ideas... This is the way to build a sound. And a following." STUFF (NZ) 

"Imagine Flight of the Conchords in a long passionate embrace with a dazzling diaspora of Clean fans." COLLAPSE BOARD