SANDRIDER Premiere "Mountain Song" (Jane's Addiction Cover) via Stereogum

"...Propulsive, furious, joyous, hallucinatory, shamanistic, and LOUD."

It’s hardly surprising that Frank Herbert, author of the acclaimed Dune saga, was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. An entire science fiction series based on a world devoid of rain? It could only be the work of another Puget Sound artist lashing out at the region’s chronic grey skies. The same geographical contempt applies to a band whose namesake stems from one of Herbert’s creations. You don’t need to know your sci-fi references to appreciate Seattle’s behemoth power trio Sandrider, you only need to know that their sound perfectly suits the tone of Herbert’s novels—epic, triumphant, and, ultimately, unabashedly entertaining. And considering the long-standing cliche that Washington State’s lineage of heavy bands stems from the perpetual gloom of our weather, Sandrider’s music and namesake seems all the more proper. Were bands like Nirvana, Melvins, Karp, and Soundgarden a product of the environment, a reaction to the cabin fever brought on by black clouds? Whatever the impetus was for those classic records, Sandrider seems to have found a similar muse.

Listen to the bands cover of "Mountain Song" here via Stereogum