Pigeons and Planes Interviews Banoffee at CMJ

(Originally published on Pigeons and Planes:)

When you think of a ninja, a few images may come to mind. Maybe you picture someone dressed head to toe in black, suspended in the air mid-kick. Or maybe you picture four green turtles with an affinity for pizza. The ninja I met last Friday night didn’t look like either of these though. Dressed in casual pants, a tank top, and an oversized jacket, Martha Brown (aka Banoffee) appeared much more unassuming than the characters we were introduced to during childhood. But once she started speaking, she left no room for doubt. Banoffee is a warrior; resilient, powerful, and strong.

Ever since we were introduced to Banoffee last summer with her debut single “Ninja,” the Australian singer has become one of the most exciting and consistent new artists around. Her lush electro-R&B productions provide the perfect backdrop for Brown to share her emotive and compelling stories. Tucked away in a quiet area at the Mondrian Soho Hotel in downtown New York City, Brown took some time before her second CMJ show to speak about her love for Drake, what it’s like being a female artist, and how musician Oscar Key Sung literally lives in her backyard.

Check out the full interview via Pigeons and Planes here.