Emma Louise Announces New LP + Releases "Underflow"

"Underflow" – the first single from Emma Louise’s forthcoming, second album – has captured much attention since it was released last month. Premiered by Beats 1 and immediately added to triple j locally, it quickly rose up the single charts. Drawing in listeners from all parts of the globe with Emma’s stunning, heartfelt vocals, raw sentiment and blissful production, "Underflow" hit the Top 10 of Hype Machine’s ‘Now’ Chart and popped up on Spotify playlists aplenty worldwide.

Now, Emma reveals the beautiful video for the song. Shot by the supremely talented Dylan Duclos, the video takes viewers deep into Emma’s psyche in an explosion of texture and colour.

“First time I heard ‘Underflow’ it lingered in my mind for hours after. I wanted to explore an impending emptiness, contrasted with that little glimpse of hope you find deep within yourself. For me, it had to be something visual; something that felt like an art piece, or a high-end fashion shoot. Working with Emma was great. To collaborate with an artist who has such a clear direction in terms of her aesthetic and image was really cool and proved such a smooth process.”
– Dylan Duclos

"I wrote Underflow about that feeling that swells up inside of you when you know that things in your life are about to change. It's like an undercurrent that at first you ignore, and it builds and builds until you know you need to make a decision, albeit hard and scary at the time. Then the change comes, and everything is new and different."
– Emma Louise

Emma herself created the single artwork for "Underflow," a testament to the fact that everything she releases is 110% Emma Louise. She painted the single cover’s protagonist bald, and in a classic case of life imitating art, later had to shave her own head due to a mishap during the making of the video.

It’s the rare melancholy that doesn’t leave you morose... [There’s] an intimacy that comes from a long history of solo songwriting.
— Pigeons & Planes
A delicate, silky piece of ambient pop that soars as it goes along... it’s as crisp throughout as it is gentle.
— Hilly Dilly
There’s a real delicacy, a real vulnerability in Louise’s breathy voice. I feel immediately, wholly developed by her melody and her lyrics. I’m hooked... Gorgeous, intimate and reflective.
— Indie Shuffle