Collarbones' New Video is "An Opus of Contemporary Genius" -- Vice/Thump

Originally published on VICE/Thump:

We've finally found the rightful heir to the LOL Boys, Jerome LOL's now-defunct project with Markus Garcia. World, meet Collarbones—a duo formed by Sydney's Marcus Whale and Adelaide's Travis Cook. The boys have constructed a video for their single "Turning" that reminds us strongly of the LOL Boys whole look, which was a reflection of today's digital aesthetics, which is itself a nostalgic throwback to 90s web graphics. Get it? 

The Collarbones clip hemhorrages neon patterns, contemporary fashion, and Internet art detritus over a broken beak with a pinched R&B vocal—in other words, its an opus of contemporary genius made for dancing on your newsfeed while you run your hands through your notifications and cry onto your dashboard. Now that's a boyband we can really get behind. 

Watch Collarbones' video for "Turning" HERE.