Photo Credit: McleanStephenson

Photo Credit: McleanStephenson

For Immediate Release: June 13, 2019

Moody Beach is the brainchild of Sydney songwriter Melissah Marie. Today she has announced the release of her forthcoming anticipated second EP Mirage (out this September on Viscera Arts), along with a music video for the lead single, "Slave," premiering today at FLAUNT Magazine

“Slave" is a tango of power and control shrouded in dark synth vibes. It is about objectification, ownership and agency. In Marie's own words: "My intention with 'Slave' is to convey the feeling of losing yourself to obsession, and the power dynamics and struggle of living in that space. Through the video I explore what it means to be the dominant figure in a relationship; what that looks like traditionally and what I feel / think it should look like today." 

For Marie, music is a way of documenting what’s happening in her life, and writing music grants her the freedom to reflect and build connections by sharing her unfiltered self. Marie explains, “I’m lucky to have an outlet for all the thoughts, ideas, interpretations, and memories running through my head. I like challenging perceptions, both my perception of others and their perceptions of me.”

On that note, if you’re lucky enough to see Moody Beach perform, you’ll see how she owns her space on stage. “A woman’s body is still a controversial subject,” Marie remarks. “It’s something I consciously tackle through my music, alongside how I behave and what I wear.” Sometimes that’s jarring for people, and Marie has been told that it “distracts from her music” -- a particularly disappointing critique in the middle of the #MeToo era. “Mate, I am my music!” Marie responds. “I get to decide what that looks like. I’m so done with these ideas of what a woman ‘should be.’” Through her music, Marie hopes to make space for other women-identifying and gender fluid people who feel the same. 

Mirage is a collection of all of Marie's favorite sounds: “Pop to shoegaze, flamenco to dark-wave -- all fitting together in a sonic loop. I’m not scared to experiment with genres." The EP was produced by Dean Tuza, who also produced Stella Donnelly's Beware of the Dogs.

Much lies ahead for Moody Beach with Marie set to release a collection of music, videos, performances, and more surprises to come. “Where it goes from here, I guess you’ll have to wait and see,” she says. 

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