Credit: Daniel Patlan

Credit: Daniel Patlan

For Immediate Release: June 21, 2019

Golden Dawn Arkestra is an afro/psych/disco/rock collective from Saturn, Texas. Through the use of horns, percussion, synths, vibes, and theremin, the band creates deep grooves and cinematic textures that are enriched further by various dancers, who, like the musicians, are adorned in shimmering garments. They have been featured on NPR's Tiny Desk, their Pop Culture Happy Hour, their Best of SXSW lists, and also on NME, Clash, Kickstarter, Mashable, and more for being "Intergalactic, a little bit weird, and bloody great" (The Line of Best Fit). 

On September 6, Golden Dawn Arkestra will release their third full length album—one that remains rooted in their Eastern and African influences while embracing cinematic western expanses and American pop. Darkness Falls on the Edge of Time explores the impending apocalypse by journeying to the end of the world and back, and to the dawn of a new beginning. As always, the band continues their meditation on the eternal now, but the record sees the band delving deeper into poetry and lyrical content, bringing forth a new confidence and clarity to their message: as you travel to the edge of time, let the sonic vibrations heal your soul. 

The album's lead single, "Allo Allo Boom," was written while the band was touring France last year. After seeing the phrase written over and over again on highway signs, the Golden Dawn Arkestra realized "Allo Allo Boom" was a French PSA encouraging drivers to stay off of their cell phones. The PSA inspired the group to write a song condemning texting while driving, but it goes much deeper than that; it's their own PSA about being addicted to and distracted by our glowing rectangles, as life passes us by (and falls apart). The song (and video, directed by Tina Rivera) premiere today at KUTX

Darkness Falls on the Edge of Time will be released on September 6 via NYC indie 11A Records (Benjamin Lazar Davis, Star Rover). Recorded live to analogue tape at Bud’s Recording Services, producer Anthony Farrel and engineer Sam Patlove bring an immediacy and vintage, gritty feel to the band’s sound. Mastering engineer JJ Golden finalizes the album with finesse. 

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It’s intergalactic, it’s a little bit weird, and it’s bloody great.
— The Line of Best Fit
A crazy and wonderful mix of sight and sound, with big, bold costumes and music that meets somewhere between Sun Ra and Sly Stone.
— NPR All Songs Considered
Tight dance music ornamented with their dashing sense of humor.
A deliriously funky, irresistibly contagious piece of music.
If one had to try to describe Golden Dawn Arkestra in words — imagine if Sun Ra and George Clinton had a child who was raised by the B-52’s, and given LSD and Afrobeat CDs to listen to at bedtime.
— Afropop


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