For Immediate Release: September 24, 2018

Éyal Hai is an innovative vocalist, saxophonist, and producer based in NYC. He's worked with jazz giants such as Grammy Award winner Danilo Perez and producer Javier Limon, and he has opened for The New York Philharmonic, but this November he'll release his debut, solo, full length avant-pop album called Flowers On The Moon -- a collection of songs comprised of unfiltered thoughts and emotions that have been shaped with magnificent musical colors. Each track on the album feels familiar and relatable, yet provides a powerful alien experience.

On Flowers On The Moon, Éyal's passion for the liberating spirit of jazz is fused with 90s grunge, middle eastern sounds (which surrounded him growing up), and the grime and aesthetics of Brooklyn--where he has lived the past seven years. Listeners will hear a man who grew up in Israel in the 90s before picking up the saxophone and becoming obsessed with The Great American Songbook.

Lead single "I Need A Min" opens the album like a meditative mantra. Éyal's voice carries an innocent "I don't care" attitude, yet it is produced with fanatic care for every detail. Woven throughout the song (and the album) is a nostalgic type of romance, a self-destructive loneliness, and a political commentary about his homeland mixed with strong feelings of longing to be back in that same place. Impose Magazine has the premiere, praising the track's "self-care sentiment" and the "pulsating synths and dynamic drums [that] serve as the bedrock for brilliant instrumental flourishes."

Flowers on the Moon will be released on November 16 via Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit Records. The album follows Éyal's 2014 debut EP Practicing Catharsis, which has received more than two million streams on Spotify and tens of thousands of views on YouTube. Éyal Hai will perform in NYC tonight [September 24] at Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 1, at 10pm. 

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