For Immediate Release: March 13, 2017 [Brooklyn, NY]

If St. Vincent and Bjork were to produce a musical love child, it might sound something like Eugene Marie -- an electropop duo who turn squeaks into symphonies and conversations into melodies. Through Lucy Marie Horton's exuberant, fiercely articulated vocals and Spencer Eugene Stewart's found-soundscapes, the duo gives us the gift of seeing seemingly mundane artifacts of life under a new light. 

While working on their debut EP, Spencer was interested in writing a song that felt akin to a spiritual chant or mantra, one with a very direct and simple message. At the same time, Lucy was challenging herself to write songs using just one sentence or word, in an effort to explore new ways of song development, and also as a way of letting loose vocally. Out of this collaboration came, "Money," premiering today through All Things Go.

"Money" follows the duo's debut single “They Scared,” in which Lucy chronicles a conversation she had with a stranger while walking down Dean Street in Crown Heights. The stranger, an older woman, was crying into her hands, rejoicing the recent birth of her grandchildren. "My baby girl just had twins!" she exclaimed. Lucy adjusted to her pace to ask if she was okay: 

“I am so happy for you. And they’re healthy?” “Yes, they’re healthy.” She paused and looked at Lucy, thanking her for sharing the moment, saying, "You know, most people, they scared... I don’t think they rude, they just scared, and they hold on to their pocketbook and keep walking. But women, we have to take care of each other... we were chosen to carry our children. It’s like Beyoncé said, ‘Who runs the world?’ We do. We really do.”

Eugene Marie will release their debut EP this spring. Details will be announced soon. For press inquiries, contact Caitlin at Drunken Piano [dot com]. 


The perfect blend of Björk’s unconventional left field exuberance and Sylvan Esso’s odd-pop earworms.
— Crack in the Road
A refreshing reminder that the Pacific Northwest
is alive and well in the electronic scene.
— All Things Go