Visual piece by:    Alison Czinkota

Visual piece by: Alison Czinkota

 For Immediate Release: February 14, 2019

ELLAYO is a writer, vocalist, herbalist, and certified Reiki healer based in New York City. In May of last year she released her debut EP For Miriam -- a 5-song narrative meditation on bravery through the use of space and breath, drawing inspiration from ancient hymns, folklore, and modern classical instrumental music. Two weeks ago she announced the impending release of a trio of For Miriam remixes, along with the first offering by producer/songwriter Andrew Fox (featuring Rob Moose of yMusic). Today she has shared "Morel" by producer/engineer Marc Urselli, featuring violinist Alicja Smietana.  

Urselli has lifted an already brooding song (it opens with moody, bass-end, stacatto piano) into a cinematic space. "It feels like walking through the woods alone at night, surrounded by only darkness, quiet trees, and one’s own thoughts,” writes ELLAYO, which is coincidentally what the artist Alison Czinkota illustrated to accompany the single. "These two pieces, the visual and the auditory together, truly capture and reimagine the turmoil I expressed in the original piece, which was inspired by my ongoing struggle with OCD."

From Urselli: "When I first heard "Morel" at her record release party, I felt immediately inspired by the track and I asked her specifically if I could remix it. It had a dark, eerie, and almost sinister cadenza and mood that I loved and that resonated with me. So when I started working on the remix, I actually wanted to take it into an even darker and more sinister direction, channeling my early beginnings as an industrial/electronic musician and producer. I was thinking Trent Reznor’s Nine Inch Nails, Dirk Ivens’ Dive, and Blixa Bargeld’s Neubauten. My approach was focused around distortion, overtones, and compression saturation. I had a lot of fun with it, but I thought it needed something airy and angelic to counteract all that evil noisy darkness and so I decided to add a violin--one of the most pure and sweet sounding ones.

"Alicja Smietana’s sensibilities and musicianship were perfect for this track because she plays at the highest levels of classical music worldwide but comes from a jazz legacy and is open to playing any genre (she’s played and arranged music with/for ColdPlay, Joshua Bell, Nigel Kennedy and many others). She also plays a half a million dollar Camillo Camillo violin, which sounds just gorgeous and (which I recorded in London with a ReMic violin microphone and an IK Multimedia audio interface). Alicja has that pure perfection of execution which nicely counteracts and complements the approach of my remix."

The "Morel (Marc Urselli Remix)" follows the "I Was, I Was (Andrew Fox Remix)," and one final remix will be released on February 28. For more information on ELLAYO and the For Miriam EP and remixes, click here. For press inquiries, please contact Caitlin Pasko at caitlin@drunkenpiano.com




Caitlin Pasko (caitlin@drunkenpiano.com)