> "Destiny Street" Premiere on Stereogum | 4/12

“Destiny St.” is the sound of losing your mind melodically, with frayed nerves and fast-paced hooks, a la the Buzzcocks, the Nerves, Hüsker Dü, or even an especially amped-up R.E.M." - Chris DeVille, Stereogum

> "Belvidere" Feature on Pitchfork's Shake Appeal | 11/25


"Never Felt Better" Video Premiere + Tour Dates on Brooklyn Vegan

"The four mates in Cuntz are sensitive men who enjoy diving into the muck, rolling around in it, and then emerging with mischievous grins on their faces." - Erick Hughes, Brooklyn Vegan

Oh My Rockness Feature | 10/1

Pitchfork Feature | 10/21

"This is maniacal music, unpredictable and chaotic." - Evan Minsker, Pitchfork


"Time Flies" Premiere on Pitchfork | 4/15

"Kylee Kimbrough is an unbelievable badass... ["Time Flies"] is a song that doesn't let up. Nor should it. This is a band at the height of their nihilistic powers." - Evan Minsker, Pitchfork

> "Go Rambo" Premiere on SPIN | 4/2

"Squalling sonics influenced by the likes of Killing Joke and Patti Smith." - Chris Martins, SPIN

"Go Rambo" Video Premiere on SPIN | 5/19

> "Time Flies" Review on MTV IGGY | 5/9 

"Dasher Sounds like a young Patti Smith swatting off demons... With the severity of a gladiator standing tall behind a flaming chariot, drummer and vocalist Kylee Kimbrough leads Dasher into a furious auditory assault." -  Suzy Exposito, MTV IGGY


> "Oracles Of The Grave" Premiere on Consequence of Sound | 5/21

"Albini’s raw recording style is an asset to Dead Waves’ new aesthetic, making their already gruesome sound feel dirtier and more sinister." - Consequence Of Sound

> "Promise" Track Premiere on CMJ | 6/30


"Word In Your Mouth" Premiere on Brooklyn Vegan | 4/23

"The band's name is a good description of their heavy psych sound, which uses thick distortion like an industrial solvent." - Bill Pearis, Brooklyn Vegan

> "Follow Me Down" Video Premiere on Noisey | 5/6

> Rougher Squalor Album Stream Premiere on Wondering Sound | 6/9

"trace elements of acid rock, long spirals of squawking wah-wah guitar and, somewhere beneath the avalanche of sound, hollered, undeniably tuneful vocals." - J Edward Keyes, Wondering Sound


"Leggy Blondes" Premiere on Stereogum | 3/6

"Balls-to-the-wall punk rock... An absolute crusher that you should listen to." - Chris DeVille, Stereogum

"Doves" Premiere on CMJ | 2/5

"A speedy, chimey-buzz guitar, vox screamer that's as sonically active as a Boykins drive to the rim." - Eric Davidson, CMJ


"Virginia Settlement" Video Premiere on Oh My Rockness

"Left & Right make good grunge-ish [sic] guitar rock... It’s fuzzy and crunchy and raw and strong on the singable melodies. It’s super solid stuff." - Oh My Rockness


In The Garden LP Feature on Pitchfork | 10/14

In the Garden LP Premiere on SPIN | 10/14

"The eight songs [on 'In The Garden'] are tough, hook-forward, and jam-packed celebrations of a life well-lived under the flapping grace of Old Glory." - Chris Martins, SPIN

Liquore Store on Last Call With Carson Daly | 3/31


"Looks So Young" Track Premiere on CMJ

"Even with its obvious power-pop sensibility, the track has a surprisingly raw sound that—when lined up against Justin Magnus’s snappy vocals—seems like a feat against physics." - Lizzie Plaugic, CMJ

"Simple Syrup" Track Premiere on Impose Magazine | 6/17

Lurve Featured on Oh My Rockness | 6/19

Lurve Stream Full Debut LP on SPIN | 8/28

"Brooklyn fuzz junkies Lurve look like punks and shred like punks, but they bless all of that noise with crunchy grooves and powerful melodies." - Chris Martins, SPIN


> "Pretty Flower" Track Premiere on SPIN | 5/30

"For every ounce of snot-nosed Wavves-y stoner punk in this quartet's music, there's another of No Age's lo-fi-for-art's-sake, and maybe another still of Jay Reatard's early and weird fist-pumping aggression." - SPIN

> "My Paradise" Video Premiere on Noisey | 6/16

> "Guttuggering" Video Premiere on NPR FIrst Watch | 6/26

- Bob Boilen, NPR


"Still Waiting For My Man" Feature on Pitchfork | 11/14

"Warm, sleepy guitar pop." - Evan Minsker, Pitchfork

"Still Waiting For My Man" Video Premiere on Noisey | 11/20

"The band's hazy, early-90s vibes are infectuous..." - Noisey


"Pale Piss" Track Premiere on SPIN | 6/20

"A grimy rush of garage rock indebted to a couple of teen (anti-)idols... Tense but freewheeling." - Kyle McGovern, SPIN

"Pale Piss" Video Premiere on CMJ | 8/17

"Another Misspent Youth" Track Premiere on Consequence of Sound | 8/30

"[An] explosion of fuzz-laden guitars and crashing drums is a straight-forward blend of early ’90s Rancid and bits of grunge... With Pollock’s irony-caked vocals encapsulating an entire generation’s cultural flippancy." - Chris Coplan, Consequence of Sound

> "Tanned Tits" Tack Premiere on Brooklyn Vegan | 6/3

"Noisy punk that is both beer-fueled and kinda brainy, with pop knowhow in there amongst the empties." - Bill Pearis, Brooklyn Vegan

> "Tanned Tits" Video Premiere on Noisey | 6/12


"Endless Mind" Video Premiere on Noisey | 10/15

"Four Chorder" Video Premiere on SPIN | 10/31

"A nasty mass of angst, grind, sweat, and shred." - Chris Martins, SPIN



"Ninja" Feature on Line of Best Fit | 7/30

"Banoffee’s penchant for rolling dinky synthetic beats atop off-kilter 80s keys has this latest release glistening like caramel trickling down a hot sticky pud." - Dan Carson, The Line of Best Fit

"Ninja" Video Premiere on Pigeons and Planes | 7/29

"Ninja" - Best Songs of the Week (Pigeons and Planes) | 8/2

"Her vocals, though delicate, command the track and lead the listener through the song's twists and turns with a confidence often associated with a much more seasoned performer... Banoffee just seems really kick-ass." - Katie Kelly, Pigeons and Planes

"Ninja" Featured on The Wild Honey Pie | 8/14

"Ninja" - 21 Australian Female Musicians You Should Know (Pigeons and Planes) | 8/21

"Reign Down" Video Premiere on The FADER | 12/2

"Reign Down bops in a similar, fun-and-sometimes-sloppy tone as some of the year’s best new music." - Duncan Cooper, The FADER

Banoffee - Saint Heron Feature


"Periodic Table" Track Premiere on This is Fake DIY | 8/30

"Lots of smileys ought to be awarded to 'Periodic Table'... A backdrop worthy for the Youth Lagoon intimacy-stakes, with swooshing piano lines and some stirring, minor-key misery lining the seams." - Jamie Milton, This is Fake DIY

"Christmastime" Video Premiere on Impose Magazine | 12/17

'Epistolary' Review on Earbuddy -- 7.8/10 | 4/10

"No matter how dark, strange, or surreal Epistolary‘s subject matter is, it’s hard not to have fun listening to this. There’s a sense of fun on Epistolary that doesn’t undermine the darker lyrics as much as makes them feel absurd, and maybe even delirious. This is music for insomniacs, by insomniacs." - Alex Daniel, Earbuddy


"Burnout" Premiere on Pigeons and Planes | 4/17

"Melding R&B and electronic production with lush, spacious results... Collarbones slowly enchant and entice you into their world with their music." - Constant Gardner, Pigeons and Planes


'Dream Shake' LP Premiere on SPIN | 10/1

"Catchy, gauzy, slightly punked dream-pop." - Chris Martins, SPIN


"Bright" Track Premiere on This is Fake DIY | 10/11


"We Are The Map" Featured on No Fear of Pop | 4/15

"Scenic imagery and keen analogies packaged in soft vocals." - Ashley Canino, No Fear of Pop

"We Are The Map" Featured on Line of Best Fit | 4/16

"We Are The Map" Featured on Portals | 6/12


"Unforgettable" Video Premiere on SPIN | 4/15

"Alluring electronics and a captivating case of unconditional love." - Cynthia Orgel, SPIN


"Before Crimes" Video Premiere on Noisey | 10/1


"Be Good (Vocal City)" Feature on XLR8R | 8/30

"It's Coming" Video Premiere on Yours Truly | 8/8

"All I Could Do" Track Premiere on Pigeons and Planes | 10/24

"With a tropical feel to the electronic production and a looped vocal sample underpinning things, there are lots of different elements at play here, without the results ever feeling cluttered." - Constant Gardner, Pigeons and Planes

"All I Could Do" Track Featured on This is Fake DIY | 10/25

"All I Could Do" Video Premiere on VICE / THUMP | 12/3

"All I Could Do opens with syrupy-sweet female vocals humming against ominously stripped-down sounds before bursting into a vibrant bouquet of keyboard stabs, hand claps, and Oscar's own buttery vocals." - Michelle Lhooq, VICE/Thump

Oscar Key Sung Featured on Saint Heron

> "Holograms" Premiere on Pitchfork | 2/10


"St Louis" Video Premiere on The FADER | 4/16

"There’s something so existentially sad about trying to picture the world spinning after you’re gone, particularly when that bleak thinking is paired with minimal, acoustic wallowing." - Patrick D. McDermott, The FADER

> 'Guilt Mirrors' Album Stream Premiere on Pitchfork Advance | 2/11-17

'Guilt Mirrors' Album Review on All Music Guide

“Despite the album's daunting length, Harte rewards listeners with some of his most affecting and expressive music yet. Ultimately, Guilt Mirrors feels like a journal of enduring, and surviving, many kinds of aftermaths.” - All Music Guide

'Guilt Mirrors' Album Review on Exclaim! -- 8/10 | 2/18

"Musically, Guilt Mirrors is all over the map in the best possible way. The familiar Shocking Pinks lo-fi indie sound is present, but Guilt Mirrors is way more electronic and diverse, mining seams of krautrock, disco, drone and synth-pop, amongst other things, all fed through Harte's lo-fi, hypnagogic haze." - Vincent Pollard, Exclaim!

'Guilt Mirrors' Album Review on PopMatters | 1/31

"The real testament to Harte's knack as a songwriter is how such an ambitious project can feel not just cohesive, but immersive." - Matthew Fiander and Arnold Pan, PopMatters


"In A Little House" Video Premiere on Noisey | 12/11

"Alena Spanger delivers a bewitching vocal that's slyly-sweet like Regina Spector-meets-Fiona Apple, and ragey raw the next. All of which is sensationally backed by a loud-quiet-loud-quiet formula of plinkety piano and bursts of squalling distortion." - Kim Taylor Bennett, Noisey


"Perfect Strangers" Track Premiere on Line of Best Fit | 9/12

"Perfect Strangers" Video Premiere on Noisey | 10/12


'This Hopeful' LP Stream Premiere on SPIN | 10/28

"There is a beautiful coherence to an album like This Hopeful... With their electronics-addled and fuzz-infused compositions — plus those wry and mournful vocals." - Chris Martins, SPIN

"Twin Loss" Video Premiere on Noisey | 12/4

"Twin Loss" Video Feature on Stereogum | 12/10

"An understated yet emotive digi-fried rock song... that sounds more like lingering melancholy than overwhelming grief... It’s well worth a viewing or two." - Chris DeVille, Stereogum