"Cosmic American" artist Cassandra Jenkins shares "Red Lips" today as Interview Magazine's Track of the Week. The song, which is the second to be released from her long-awaited debut LP Play Till You Win, will hit all online streaming services this Friday, March 3. Along with the premiere, Interview Magazine asks Jenkins about her songwriting and recording process, as well as the origins of the song and her new record label Cassandra Complex.

"Red Lips" began as an exploration of the digital realm and its relationship to Jenkins' psyche. "We've all dreamt about our idols, our crushes, our subconscious obsessions," she tells Interview, "but this [had] reached an alarming new level for me." In writing the lyrics, Jenkins wanted to write a love song to the screen by personifying it as a beautiful woman; "Each verse takes on one color from the RGB spectrum: red for love and desire, green for jealousy, and blue for sorrow."

"Red Lips" follows "Candy Crane," a "woozy and warm" track that Consequence of Sound describes as a "beautiful blend of smoke and delicacy." The meeting place between opposites is where we find Jenkins' work. With "elegantly celestial climaxes, emerald green-glowing guitar work" (Pitchfork) and "smoky" vocals (NPR) that are at once sinister and sincere, Jenkins' world is an arrestingly intimate place, existing somewhere between Mazzy Star and Emmylou Harris. 

Play Till You Win will be released on April 7 through Cassandra Complex, Jenkins' new label inspired by the Greek clairvoyant of the same name and her struggles to be heard. "I can relate... It can be maddening when I feel my voice as an artist and a thinker isn't heard, simply because I'm a woman... It leads me to the never-ending question of how to make social commentary in a way that is accessible and beautiful." 




Tender and trancelike
— Interview Magazine [Track of the Day]
Woozy and warm... A beautiful blend of smoke and delicacy.
— Consequence of Sound
Cassandra Jenkins’ material [sic] calls for crystals to be draped from your wrist while walking in methodical circles and divesting secrets around an incense-ridden fire...
— Pitchfork
— Greenpointers
Beautiful and lush
— The Deli Magazine
It’s the kind of pop that steals your breath
and replaces it with a limb-surrendering rhythm.
— Rooftop Films