For Immediate Release: February 28, 2018

Bodies Be Rivers' debut album Things I'll Tell You When You're Older is streaming at The Grey Estates today ahead of Friday's official street date. The band will celebrate by performing at C'mon Everybody this Saturday, March 3. In an interview with The Grey Estate's Nina Braca, lead vocalist Lauren Smith details the recording process, highlights what she was listening to at the time, and discusses cultivating internal peace. 

Throughout the ten tracks on Things I'll Tell You When You're Older, Smith explores the experiences that shaped her 20’s, leaving the listener with a map of lands -- some long deserted, some still vibrant with life and aspiration. Within each song's landscape, Smith reflects on her choices and reckons with antiquated beliefs in an attempt to right some of her past wrongs. Latest single "Rattled", which premiered through The Wild Honey Pie, is about "that topsy turvy feeling when you leave behind a version of yourself and step into another incarnation, finding an eventual equilibrium within a new relationship," she says. Featuring swirling patterns of guitar melodies, crunchy drums, and earthy piano tones that surround soaring harmonies, "Rattled" follows "Cosmic Overload" and "None The Wiser," the latter of which was featured on Spotify's Fresh Finds. 

Things I'll Tell You When You're Older is available for pre-order: here. For guest list and media inquiries, including interviews, please contact Caitlin at Drunken Piano. 


"Intoxicating and haunting, sounding more like a haunted house than a bedroom pop origin story."
Consequence of Sound
"For a band barely a year old, Bodies Be Rivers sounds smoothly seasoned."
"For a band that's beyond 'new' -- this is certainly a very promising start."
The Deli Magazine
"Starting out plaintive and gradually becoming something a lot more ominous... 'Room For One' encapsulates what Bodies Be Rivers do so well."
Photo Credit: Kevin Bay

Photo Credit: Kevin Bay