Laraaji, arji, & dallas acid

 For Immediate Release: October 18, 2018

On Friday, October 19, cult artist and ambient pioneer Laraaji and sound healer Arji OceAnanda will perform at Secret Project Robot [1186 Broadway, Brooklyn] in celebration of the release of their collaborative new album with Texas ambient trio Dallas Acid, called 'Arrive Without Leaving.' Versatile guitarist Matthew Nichols will be opening the show at 8pm. 

Laraaji, Arji OceAnanda, and Dallas Acid met this past March at National Sawdust, where they were sharing a bill. A mutual fascination with each other’s sound prompted Clint Newsom of Flying Moonlight to put the musicians up at Vibromonk Studios in Williamsburg the very next day, where they embarked on an exhilarating six-hour sonic exploration. The raw material was then arranged and edited by Dallas Acid, and mixed by Jeff Ziegler (Mary Lattimore, Kurt Vile, The War on Drugs). The meditative process of reducing the hours of material into a 40-minute LP allowed the musicians to select their favorite passages, culminating in a collaborative, inimitable new work that extends a feeling of introspective reflection and joyous transcendence. 

On Arrive Without Leaving, out now on limited edition blue vinyl and digital via Flying Moonlight, the artists are equally represented on each selection. Laraaji appears on his signature electric Zither; Arji OceAnanda on viola and flute synths, as well as the Mbira (Kalimba) and soft percussion; Dallas Acid’s Linda Beecroft on the tongue slit drum and gong--which Laraaji named one of his “favorite new instruments”; and Michael Gerner and Christian Havins on Mellotron and an array of Moogs. The album is named after the very last utterance captured during the session: Laraaji singing the phrase “‘tis a way to arrive without leaving!” just as the musicians began to depart.

“A fine, classic, ambient, symphonic, immersive, listening work of loving performance art. I am blissed to have been one of its co-channels.” - Laraaji

"There seemed to be an instant and immediate 'recognition' of each other’s energies. The resultant flow of ideas and sounds amongst us was effortless and inspired. The entire session felt Blessed & Blissed!" - 
Arji OceAnanda

“It was an out of body experience at times and a journey through new worlds--a very peaceful journey full of surprises. It’s wonderful it was captured so beautifully; a once in a blue moon experience under an actual blue moon.” - 
Dallas Acid


More About LARAAJI, Arji OceAnanda, & Dallas Acid:

LARAAJI is a multi-instrumentalist specializing in piano, zither and mbira. Hailed as one of the forefathers of both ambient electronic and new age music, Laraaji is best known for his 1980 collaboration with Brian Eno, Ambient 3: Day of Radiance. This was his first album released under the name of Laraaji.

This international exposure led to requests for longer versions of his compositions which he supplied to meditation groups on cassette tapes. It also resulted in an expansion of his mystic studies with such gurus as Swami Satchidananda and Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati, founder of the Ananda Ashram in Monroe, New York.

Born in 1943 as Edward Larry Gordon, Laraaji attended Howard University in Washington D.C. on a scholarship to study composition and piano. He later spent time in New York pursuing a career as a stand-up comedian and actor. In the seventies, Laraaji began his lifelong study of Eastern Mysticism, was initiated as a swami, and merged music with spiritual practice.

Following an intuition, he bought a zither from a local pawn shop, converted it to an electronic instrument, and, while busking in Washington Square Park, Laraaji was discovered by Brian Eno who offered to produce him on the spot.

His recordings can be found on WARP records, All Saints records, GLITTERBEAT, Numero Group, Stones Throw, Leaving Records, Soul Jazz, Rvng Int'l, and CBG Records.

Laraaji also started the Laughter Meditation Workshops which he still presents around the globe.

Arjhiroula "ARJI" Cakouros (OceAnanda) is a sound healer, musician, Reiki master and Dreamwork teacher based in Niskayuna, NY. Her personal commitment to supporting others in achieving radiant health is rooted in her ancestral Hellenic Asclepian and Pythagorean healing traditions. She has been assisting and collaborating with Sw. Laraaji Nadananda since 2008, appearing on Rvng Int'l and CBG Records releases, as well as offering Healing Sound events and Laughter Immersion experiences in many venues worldwide.

DALLAS ACID is a synth-based trio in Austin, TX inspired by 1970s German and French electronic music, early minimalism, and ambient music. Since 2015 they have performed live in planetariums, galleries, theaters, churches, and many other unconventional spaces. In 2015 and 2016 they played the traveling culinary experience/projection cube called Monkeytown. In 2016 they also collaborated with Paz Lechantin of The Pixies to create an original new score for F. W. Murnau's 1922 Nosferatu, which they performed at the Blue Starlite Drive-In Theater on Halloween. 

In 2018 they performed as part of HBO's Westworld interactive SXSW experience, followed by an east coast tour with Dead Meadow and a performance with ambient legend Laraaji at the National Sawdust in Brooklyn. 


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The imperturbable rhythmic pulse comes from the zither, as washes of synthesizers and wisps of flute melody only enrich the music’s much-needed serenity.
A focused, sunny sequence that hits the body and mind like a concentrated shot of B vitamins.
He is considered both a pioneer and an icon in the world of New Age music.