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For Immediate Release: October 18, 2017:

Zula's new 6 Passes EP -- out now on Inflated Records and Forged Artifacts -- was created in and depicts a New York City where common spaces and social fabric are threatened. Over the course of six new songs, the band slips between the familiar and the unfamiliar, channeling feelings of uncertainty that exist around entities which once felt comforting and safe.

Lead by cousins Nate and Henry Terepka, who seamlessly trade off lead vocal and songwriting duties, the four-piece band has -- for the very first time -- invited auxiliary musicians into the studio to introduce new colors and textures to their sound: Hannah Epperson on violin and Arnan Raz on saxophone. The EP was self-produced and then mixed by frequent collaborator Jake Aron ( Solange, Le1f, tUnE-yArDs).

Zula’s ability to offset the studiously mechanical with the strange, wild wiggle of something alive has always been at the center of their ethos as a band, as the interplay between bandmates reveals the vast possibilities a single melody or rhythm can possess. But 6 Passes also sees Zula tightening up their sprawling art-rock compositions in favor of more compact, hook-heavy psych-pop tracks, which somehow also feel more free and spontaneous than the band's previous work.





Caitlin Pasko: caitlin@drunkenpiano.com

"Zula have always excelled at the sort of grooves that get you out of your seat and on your feet [...] Mesmerizing and hook-laden."
"[6 Passes] is both a response to the current time we live in and an escape from it... Equal parts cathartic, nervous, confounding, captivating, thought-provoking, and dance-inducing."
"To listen to a Zula track is to get lost in a world of the band’s own creation — a groovy, hypnotic space in which the answers to difficult questions start to become clearer..."
"An interpretive, immersive experience... Songs that are mathy and complicated without being too intellectual or exclusive."
- stereogum
"Will get you pumped to tackle something or will chill you out as you ride the relaxation wave."
"New York psych-pop explorers Zula aren’t easy to pin down, but while their sound shifts track to track, there is a beautiful coherence..."
- spin