Photo by Anton Björkman

Photo by Anton Björkman

For Immediate Release: January 18, 2019

There is definitely no shortage of new and promising acts to come out of Scandinavia these days, but an artist like Aron Blom, with a voice like his, doesn't come along very often. When Aron sings, everything stops and everyone listens. 

As the son of the guitarist in one of Sweden's most popular bands, music has always been an integral part of Aron's life. He has already established himself as a strong songwriter with several Scandinavian successes to his name, and he has attracted a loyal following on social media through intimate live performance videos, despite having no studio recordings of his own. But that changes today; Aron Blom's debut single "Low Low Low" is available now on all streaming platforms. 

"Low Low Low" opens with acoustic guitar strums and Aron's rich, warm voice. Each line is bookended with low, rhythmic hums that set the scene: a march toward enlightenment and empowerment. Aron's glorious baritone then soars over the chorus like a rallying cry, propelled forward by powerful drums and a swarm of beautiful background vocals. With enrichment from sparse electronic details, it's a song you could hear on pop radio, but not one that would fit easily into a box. 

"In one way, 'Low Low Low' is about the diametrically opposite thoughts we have in our heads simultaneously," Aron says. "Meaning, we feel stuff, but we also feel the opposite at the same time. I feel fear and anxiety... but I can also turn it around and feel hope and curiosity, depending on how I look at it. There is a darkness in everything, and there is light as well." 

"Low Low Low" is out now via Cosmos Music.

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A powerful, anthemic Swedish pop sound with a strong vocal presence.
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