For Immediate Release: October 24, 2018

Adeline Hotel is the brainchild of Brooklyn based guitarist and songwriter Dan Knishkowy. Described as as if "Wilco [were] fronted by Will Oldham" (Nooga), Knishkowy's songs "radiate with a glowing warmth" (The Grey Estates) like "the sonic embodiment of leaves changing color" (Dimestore Saints).

Adeline Hotel's new album Away Together is streaming today at The Deli Magazine ahead of it's release on Friday. In between the sister tracks that bookend it, the record flips opposite sides of the same coin -- domestic but restless, fragile yet resilient -- full of contradictions, shared truths, and unanswered questions.

Lead single "Habits" reaches for an ineffable moment of happiness; what Dimestore Saints calls “a perfect record for a moment of pause." It's about accepting what is, rather than continuously pulling at threads ‘til they unravel. Cassandra Jenkins (of Lola Kirke, Eleanor Friedberger) lends her velvety vocals to this track, as well as to album opener "So Long," "Taste The Same," and the album's title track.

The second single, "Looking For The Same Thing," traces the unknown beginnings of a long distance relationship, and wonders why "finding what you're looking for still leaves you with more questions than answers." It is the heart of the record; a sobering reflection amidst a period of restlessness. The track recedes with hushed fingerpicking, vibrant piano chords (performed by co-producer Will Stratton), and clouds of faux pedal steel (performed by singer/songwriter Ben Seratan).

The track "Lightning" is quite the opposite; where "Looking" is pensive and simmering, "Lightning" is an unbridled and fiery, can't-hold-back variation on the theme, with spidery guitar lines weaving in and out of each other. Knishkowy name checks Loose Fur as inspiration for the track, as well as James Elkington and Nathan Salsburg, and William Tyler’s “Whole New Dude”. The chorus is also a nod to the Silver Jews song "Slow Education."

Additional performers on Away Together include Andrew Stocker (bass), Sean Mullins (drums, percussion), Johanna Samuels (vocals), Mike "Slo-Mo" Brenner (lap steel, pedal steel), and Winston Cook-Wilson (keyboards). 

Away Together will be released on October 26 via Ruination Record Co., and vinyl pre-orders are now open. The band will celebrate the album's release this Friday, Oct. 26 at Union Pool. For guest list and media inquiries, please contact Caitlin Pasko



Photo Credit: Chris Bernabeo

Photo Credit: Chris Bernabeo


Caitlin Pasko (

Pairs the calm, familiar sound of Nick Drake with quiet audacity of Wilco’s ‘Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.’
— The Wild Honey Pie
Radiates with a glowing warmth and easygoing happiness.
The song’s unhurried folk sensibility gently floats on a breeze, but packs in a lyrical heft you might not expect to come by in a sweetly strummed folk tune.
Like the sonic embodiment of leaves changing color, [it’s] a perfect record for a moment of pause within an ongoing transitory period.
Emanates warm, wistful energy and poignant reflections.